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los angeles walk in tubs Los Angeles Walk in Tubs

Why Our Walk in Tubs Company is a perfect fit for your home in Los Angeles?

Our Los Angeles Walk-In Bath Tubs will fit into almost any space where there is an existing bathtub or a larger shower space. In most cases we can install your new Los Angeles Walk-In Tub and use your existing tile and other surrounds. Our Los Angeles walk tubs have beautiful transitions to the walls and luxurious fixtures.

Your new Los Angeles Walk-In Tub will be a smart investment enhancing and an upgrading to your home.

We have all types of Los Angeles Walk in tub models for most budgets in the Los Angeles area. Call today for an in-home estimate or consultation!

In addition to the ease of getting in and out of a Walk-In Tub, there are significant health benefits (and a Walk-in Tub may have some tax benefits if recommended by your doctor).

We have a walk in tubs showroom in or near Los Angeles Area. Contact us to Schedule an interview.

Top Reasons Why A1A is the Best Selling Walk in Tubs in Los Angeles

Acrylic Walk in Tubs

Ultimate Edition (A1A)

A1A Los Angeles Walk in Tub Los Angeles Walk in Tubs

Best Value Walk in Tubs in Los Angeles

A1A Picture Gallery

If you are hoping for that best walk in bathtub – which includes a thorough warranty, all of the indispensable options and also the lowest price tag, you have identified it. Most reasonable costs, top value, quality and free shipping are secured. If you buy anywhere else you will be paying an excessive amount for too little. Make sure you act now for the duration of our sale.

We are happy to offer our own BLOWOUT PRICE instantly by e-mail or telephone. Our blowout discount is too low to publicly advertise. Our pricing on this wonderful quality bathtub makes it America’s, and definitely Los Angeles’s best value walk in tub. Our bathtub offers amazing features that are unavailable somewhere else at any kind of price. We guarantee that as opposed to all other walk in tubs, the price of this tub is much more reasonable as opposed to anything that our competition will offer.

This walk in bathtub provides the most excellent therapeutic massage available at any selling price. Furthermore, our company’s A1A is definitely the sole bath tub for older persons which require hardly any additions of warm water especially during prolonged hot bathing. Our inline hot water heater continues to keep up with the swift cooling going on when all hydro and air jets are working at once. Our Acrylic A1A Walk in Tub Enhanced Edition is by itself with these benefits and features. No one else comes close at any sort of cost.

Our Acrylic Walk in Tub enhanced may be the exclusively bath tub in the world and of course in Los Angeles that fills up in less than 5 minutes. Furthermore, it has the extra security of owning two drains instead of only one to ensure that in the less likely occasion of a drain mechanism breakdown, one more drain release assists as a backup.

Be Included in Our List of Los Angeles Walk in Tubs Testimonials

From Adam C., Moreno Valley, California, May, 2011
His testimonial on the installation of his luxurious A101 walk-in tub is,

“The guys did a great job. We’re very happy. It’s really good. Really Awesome!”

From Mr. and Mrs. D. Leib, Lakewood, California, May, 2011
Their testimonial on their brand new walk in bathtub A101 is,

“It’s wonderful. I love it! my husband likes it too.”

From Pamela S., Santa Ana, California, May, 2011
Her Words on A101 walkin tubs,

“I love it.”

From L. Connily of St. Paul, Minnesota (MN)
He bought Acrylic A101 Walk in Tubs Deluxe right hand model for her blind aunt on May 12, 2011. After two months, he told us that about her aunt’s experience

“It’s the first time she’s been able to take a bath in years.”

From J. Bardsley, La Fuente, California, May, 2011
Upon his first use of our premier walk in tubs. His comment on the A101 is,

“I just tried the tub. Everything was great. I feel really good. it’s really nice.”

From L. Davis of Gardnerville, Nevada (NV)
He purchased Acrylic A101 Walk in Tubs Deluxe left hand model on May 19, 2011. After 2 months, he has this words to say,

“It’s great. The best investment we ever made.”

From Dennis Carlson of Sherrard, Illinois (IL)
He ordered Acrylic A101 Walk /in Tubs Deluxe left hand model on May 4, 2011. After 2 months, he informed us about our walk in tub; that her

“Mom Loves It.”

and our walk in tubs company

“were very helpful in answering questions about installation.”

From Rose W., Oceanside, California, May, 2011
Upon enjoying the safety our wheelchair accessible walk in tubs 32×38. She said;

“Wow! It’s really great. It really helps.”

From S. Brown, San Miguel, California, April, 2011
She was impressed with our A101 Walk in bathtub installation. She said;

“It went very well. It was so much easier to wash my daughter’s hair. We’re thrilled!”

From Sharon R., Oceanside, California, April, 2011
Upon installation of Comfort walk in tubs Acrylic A101 Deluxe Right hand model. She said;

“I’m very happy with it.”

Gloria K, Burbank, California, March, 2011
Her comment on the A101 Walk in Tubs “It’s wonderful. It’s very easy. It looks wonderful.

” Her comment on our walk in tubs company, “You have a great company.” Her own words on our installers, “They’re the best.”

From Stowe Glasscock, Pineville, Lousiana (LA), March 17, 2011
He bought our Acrylic A101 Deluxe right hand model. He thanked us;

“We enjoy using the tub. We appreciate you selling it to us for a good price.”

From R. Nesbit, Claremont, California, March, 2011
Upon remodelling their bathroom and installation of Comfort walk-in tubs Acrylic A101 Deluxe model. He said;

“We’re very pleased. It was installed beautifully. They (installers) cleaned up after themselves. I used the tub last night, it was very nice.”

From D. Daugherty, New Rockford, Nevada, March, 2011
Her words on the walk in tub she purchased;

“It’s really peaceful and soothing after being out in the garden. It sure seems to help the muscles.”

From L. Bowers, La Quinta, California, February, 2011
She was a very satisfied in her newly installed A101 bathtub. Her words,

“They did a really good job. Your guys (our installers) were great. They went above and beyond.”

From Eleanor M., Seal Beach, California, February, 2011
Her comment after installation of our A101 deluxe walk in bathtub;

“It’s very, very nice. They did a very nice job. They really did.

From C. Benner, Long Beach, California, January, 2011
He tried sitting on the tub first before deciding to install our Acrylic A101 walk in tubs Deluxe model. He was pleased with the result and said;

“It’s very relaxing. I feel like I’m bathing in yellowstone.”

From J. Greenberg, Santa Monica, California, December, 2010
His comment on Oscar our installer is;

” He is a lovely,sweet,nice guy who knows what he’s doing.”

From J. Spann, Santa Clarita, California, December, 2010
Upon installing Comfort walk-in tubs Acrylic A101 Deluxe model. She said;

” “I’m really thrilled with it! My skin improved and is softer after the first soaking.”

From Steve R., Winnetka, California, November, 2010
Upon installing Comfort walk-in tubs Wheel Chair Accessible tub model. He wrote us an email;

Comfort Walk In Tubs:

Mel showed me several tubs until I got the right one for my particular problems. He is very easy to work with and is as good as his word.
The installer, Oscar, did everything he could to make the job go well. My install was more difficult than most. He never stopped until I was satisfied.

Steve R.
6 Nov 2010

P.S. I have not had the tub long but I like it more each day.

From M. Mayer, Carlsbad, California, November, 2010
Upon installing Comfort walk-in tubs Acrylic A101 Deluxe model. He said;

” Mom, loves the tub!”

From Diana H., Delano, California, November 6, 2010
Upon installing Comfortwalkintubs Acrylic A101 Deluxe bathtub model. She said;

“I used the tub and I love it! It’s extremely relaxing. Oscar (the install guy) is very sweet.”

From G. Carr, Thousand Oaks, California, September 10, 2010
Upon installing Comfortwalkintubs Fiber glass walk in tub model. She said;

“The tub is really great, the hot water comes right away. With my back problems I can’t afford to fall, It’s a real comfort.”

From M.B. Johnson, Laguna Niguel, California, June 16, 2010
Upon installation of Comfort walkintubs fiber glass walkin tub model. He said;

“One of the most beautiful tubs we’ve seen. Very easy to get in and out. It is very comfortable. It heats up fast, No cold feet.”

From Mary Lou S., Thousand Palms, California, April 14, 2010
Upon installing Comfort walk-in-tubs fiber glass walkin bathtub model. She said;

“Installation is very beautiful. We are very satisfied. We will be a referral, but don’t call before 9:00 am.”

Bathroom Transformations After our Walk in Tubs Installations

walk in tubs before after Los Angeles Walk in Tubs


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