A101 acrylic walk in tubs Petite Edition Acrylic Walk in Tubs   A101 Petite Edition

Acrylic Walk in Tubs – Petite Edition


Item Details Tub Properties
Colors White
Construction Fiberglass Reinforced Industrial Grade Acrylic
Max Capacity 70 Gallons Unoccupied
Length 52″ : With Optional Extension Panel (59″)
Width 27.5″
Height 38″
Chair Height 15″
Shipping Weight 267lbs.
Net Weight 192 lbs.
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The A101 Petite Bathtub answers the need for our clients’ dream for a luxurious and premium bathtub that requires a smaller width. The standard width of the A101 Premium Walk in Bathtub series is 29.5 inches while the A101 Petite Tub is only 27.5 inches. The narrower width of the Petite tub ensures maximum clearance for standard bathroom door entrance of 32 inches involving tight corners.
The design of the Petite walk in bath does not sacrifice comfort and luxury. It still features a wide seat at 19.5 inches, a wide backrest the same as the A101 series, a detachable swivel wine tray, an 80 seconds dual 2 inch drain time system, premium acrylic shell, a superior dual massage system back up with a 1.5 KW inline heater.

The same as other bathtub in the A101 series, the Petite also features an option for the entrance door height. The entrance door height can be lowered from 8 inches up to 5 inches. The default threshold height is 8 inches to allow easy floor drain installation. By adjusting the nine leveling legs, an installer can achieved a 5 inch threshold height. However, the drain needs to be installed bellow the floor. A custom fit baseboard (not included in the tub) need to be installed and the horizontal toekick access panel removed.


1. Tub Shell — Acrylic Tub Shell:
• High quality cast acrylic grade A
• Excellent color uniformity
• 5mm cast acrylic sheet
• Easy-to-clean, gloss finish (white)
• Fiberglass gel coat (reinforced)
2. Air massage system:
• Ten (10) therapeutic air massage jets. Eight air jets are located at bottom floor and two air jets are strategically placed in the bidet.
• 0.5HP air pump
• ON/OFF push control
3. Hydro massage system:
• Fourteen (14) therapeutic hydro massage jets. Ten (10) fixed hydro jets are strategically placed around the built in chair, four of which are located in an inverted T below the back of the chair to target the back of the bather, three water jets are placed on each of the opposite walls to target the hips and the thigh of the bather. Four (4) additional adjustable hydro jets are strategically placed at the lower bottom of the bathtub for the massage of the extremities. Two water jets are placed on the feet wall for calf and leg massage and two more water jets opposite located on the front bathtub wall for foot massage.
• 1HP pump (900 Watts)
• ON/OFF push control
• In-line water heater (1.5 KW)
• Air flow regulator for adjustable hydro massage
4. LED multiple color Chroma-therapy light with
ON/OFF push control.
5. Ozone Sterilization (12Volts) with ON/OFF push
6. Air flow regulator for adjustable hydro
7. Low threshold step in 8” with the option to lower to
8. Nine (9) adjustable steel heavy duty leveling
9. Stainless steel and tempered glass door, door frame
and rubber seal.
10. Two (2) built in safety grab bars strategically placed on the deck and on the side wall.
11. Wall extension kit to fit in standard 60” opening
(extends to 59 inches).
12. Thermostatic control valve.
13. Two (2) front, one toe kick and one side removable
access panels.
14. Removable rubber back support (white).
15. Brass chrome plated designer spout, two 2-way
diverters with ADA compliant handles, and pull out
hand held shower mixer with 5’ retractable stainless
steel hose.
16. Removable door for easy cleaning.
17. Unique Ellas Bubble’s design removable swivel tray
(Patent Pending).


• Two (2) stainless steel braided water supply lines 4
feet long connected to 1/2”I.P.S. shut-off valve
• Two (2) 2” copper & brass floor drains independently
controlled and operated by stainless steel cables
• Two (2) copper overflows
• Drainage time +/- 80 seconds to overflow
• Filled unoccupied (80 Gallons)


• Electrical requires only one dedicated 120V
electrical line connection with a 30Amp dedicated
GFCI breaker installed in the house breaker box.
Total electrical usage is 22Amp.
Options: Left or right hand door/drain


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