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a1a walk in tub 2013 July A1A Ultimate Walk in Tubs

Features and benefits of  the A1A Ultimate Walk in Tubs!

  • Fastest fill time: only 4 1/2 minutes! The average tub takes more than 15 long minutes to fill!
  • Fastest drain time under 80 seconds
  • ADA compliant seat, a full 17 inches high
  • ADA  compliant slip-resistant seat and foot well
  • Leg-only massage option
  • Easy controls
  • Threshold, under 6 inches.
  • In-line water heater.
  • Thermostatic control valve (an anti-scalding system) –  just set it and forget it
  • Luxurious quality Triple Gel Coat Finish – the same finish used on luxury yachts
  • Easy push and pull high leverage door lock
  • Built-in safety chrome grab bar
  • Ozone generator for your peace of mind about bacteria and germs
  • All water automatically purged out of the pipes after the bath
  • Easy adjustable water pressure  for water jets
  • Easy controls for hydro and air massage
  • Easy grab and detachable shower wand (you can set the spray control)
  • 6 adjustable leveling  legs to adjust the height of the tub
  • This walk in tub has a Lifetime Safety Walk in Bathtub’s Manufacturer’s Warranty on door leakage,  five-year warranty on all parts and provides a one-year warranty on all labor performed by Comfort Walk in Tubs
  • Technical support available 8 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • We have a stellar reputation with plenty of satisfied customers and an excellent BBB rating.

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What makes the A1A ULTIMATE unique from other tubs?

  • Quick fill technology
  • Fastest complete drain time
  • Leg massage only option
  • Auto-purge function for air jets
  • Easy controls for the ozone generator, water jets and air jets
  • Dual Massage System.


Quick Fill Technology

The A1A Ultimate Edition Walk in Tub is integrated with a 42 Liter per minute faucet set. When used at full capacity, this revolutionary faucet set can fill the A1A tub in less than 5 minutes. The included thermostatic control mixing valve ensures that the optimal temperature of water flows consistently.

Fastest Complete Drain Time

The A1A Ultimate walk in tub is equipped with a dual drain system that allows for the quickest draining time of less than 80 seconds. A dual drain system works on the principle that two drains, when properly designed and constructed, can reduce or eliminate any potential entrapment (i.e. if and when one drain is blocked, water would be drawn from the other drain).

Leg Massage Only Function

Our A1A Ultimate Edition Leg Massage Only function is perfect for having therapeutic massage focus on your lower extremities. This option is perfect for leg massage therapy focusing on the legs. It can be also used while waiting for the tub to fill for a full soak. Full Massage option is also included.

Auto Purge Function for air jets

The A1A tub air jets includes an auto purge or auto clean function. After bathing, the air jets will automatically evacuate the moisture accumulated in the air jets, ensuring clean, dry jets for your next bath, while preventing stale water that houses bacteria.

Simple Controls for ozone generator and air/water jets

A1A tubs are specially equipped with premium options, most controlled by an easy to reach buttons.

Dual Massage System

A1A Ultimate tubs are equipped with adjustable water jets and air jets, strategically placed for maximum versatility, comfort and massage enjoyment. Quantity of airjets and water jets can be customized based on your need!

Comfort Walk in Tubs’ Solution to Seniors Major Complaints About Walk in Bathtubs

Comfort Walk in Tubs designs the A1A Ultimate Walk in Bathtub to answer the drain and fill time complaints of senior clients.


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